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Jumpstart Your Life With A Purely Juiced Cleanse.

A juice cleanse supports your body’s natural detox and clears your system of sugar, caffeine, refined foods, and other substances that deplete your energy.

A Purely Juiced cleanse is designed to last two days. Drink the juices in the recommended order about two hours apart, beginning within 20 minutes of waking to avoid hunger.

Raw, organic juice gives your body the nutrients, phytochemicals, and antioxidants in an easily absorbable liquid form. We include smoothies in our cleanse packages to provide protein, fat, and other nutrients for energy.

Power Cleanse

Say goodbye to sluggish starts and dragging yourself through the day. Our Power Cleanse will boost your energy, guaranteed.

  • Charcoal Lemonade
  • Mother Nature
  • Crema de Coco
  • Power Punch
  • Fruits & Roots
  • Inner Chi
  • Detox Water

Green Cleanse

We all know greens are good for us. Our Green Cleanse flushes out toxins and makes it easy to jumpstart your system.

  • Charcoal Lemonade
  • Super Natural
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Al Green
  • Ginger Shindig
  • Gratitude
  • Coconut Water

Detox Cleanse

Detox the right way! Flush out your system, break your old habits, let your body reset with our Detox Cleanse.

  • Detox Water
  • Ginger Zinger
  • Natural Mystic
  • Charcoal Lemonade
  • Fruits & Roots
  • Green Dream
  • Blue Majik Lemonade

Fresh. Nutritious. Satisfying.

  • Raw, Pure, Reinvigorating

    Revitalize your life and boost your energy. Each Purely Juiced bottle is packed with sealed-in freshness.

  • Nutrition as Nature Intended

    Untouched by outside additives. All-natural, nothing added. You will taste and see the original ingredients.

  • Make Healthy Habits Easy

    We use an in-house water distiller, biodegradable cleaning products, and compost our own food scraps.

Make Healthy Habits Easy With A Monthly Juice Package.

Each week, you’ll get an assortment of pure, all-natural, wholesome juices. Say goodbye to buying your own ingredients, manual juicing, and messy cleanup. This is the most popular choice for folks who want to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables into their regular diet.

Pick your juices

We have a wide selection of pure, fresh, and wholesome juices.

Pressed to perfection

Thousands of pounds of pressure extracts the maximum nutrients.

Delivered to your door

Give your body the essential, all-natural nutrients it needs.


Support the body’s natural detox processes and jumpstart a more healthy way of life.

  • 15 juices per month, delivered weekly to your door
  • Shipping included
  • Customize your juices
  • Add superfood superpowers to your everyday diet
  • Boost your immune system
  • Protect against heart disease
  • Promote healthy skin


Our most popular plan. Start a healthier you with a simple daily habit: drinking juice.

  • 30 juices per month, delivered weekly to your door
  • Shipping included
  • Customize your juices
  • Add superfood superpowers to your everyday diet
  • Boost your immune system
  • Protect against heart disease
  • Promote healthy skin


We offer custom packages for companies, stores, health & fitness centers, and more.

  • Bulk orders available
  • Provide employees or clients with pure, cold-pressed juices
  • Customized orders and inventory available
  • Affiliate agreements available, customized for your business
  •  Click below, fill out the form, and speak to one of our reps.

Customers love us!

At Purely Juiced we make it easy to be healthy. Our 100% organic juice bar has a wide selection of foods, desserts, cold press juices, smoothies, dehydrated goods, and organic products.
Michael K.
Michael K.Fort Lee, NJ
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I especially love the watermelon one, instant hydration! Purely Juiced helped me reset my poor habits, now I'm getting the complete nutrition I need and feel amazing.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Please place your order by Wednesday in order to ensure your delivery for the following Wednesday.
Our juices and soups are available fresh at our locations. If delivered via our subscription plans, they are frozen options so you don't worry about expiration. Freezing juices is the best way to preserve all enzymes and nutrients.
Our 16 oz soups are two servings but can easily be a meal for one person.

If you have special requests or allergies, please contact support prior to your subscription order. Otherwise, we recommend the packages we've created as they are optimized for the best cleanses and nutrients in your weekly diet.

Juices last 7-10 days if properly stored.

Please keep them refrigerated or frozen. Juices last 7-10 days if properly stored.

We will do our best to remedy the situation, within reason. Your satisfaction is our priority.
Juices are delivered in boxes which also contain ice packs which can recycled or disposed.

Yes. Being environmentally friendly is one of our core values.

We deliver subscription packages within Fort Lee, NJ and Hoboken, NJ.
We use Ondy (Fort Lee) and Relay (Hoboken).
Subscription deliveries take place on Wednesdays between 9am - 6pm. If you are not home, the package will be left at your door or with your doorman.
Please contact us via email to notify us.

Yes, please do so 48 hours before juices are produced. Please contact us via email to notify us.

Please contact customer support via email.

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